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The institute offers services in several research areas as named below. Please contact the respective manager.


Electronic Design


Avoidance of electromigration in layout design

  • Consideration and mitigation of electromigration in layout design (link)

  • Current-density verification: Circuit and layout analysis to determine electromigration-critical nets

Prof. Jens Lienig

Electronic design automation (EDA)

  • Developing and enhancing electronic design tools while taking into consideration special design constraints such as electromigration and thermal specifications

  • Specific tools for heterogeneous system integration, e.g., chip placement on interposer

  • Seminars, e.g., introduction to EDA algorithms, physical design automation

Prof. Jens Lienig

Design of electronic lighting devices

  • Design of new lighting devices using semiconducting lighting sources (LEDs, Laser)

  • Theoretical study of lighting solutions and the implementation of these solutions in illumination devices. Main focus is the distribution of light on the object and the heat dissipation

Dr. Frank Reifegerste

Design of electronic circuits

  • Design of digital electronic circuits based on programmable logic (FPGA/PLD,VHDL)  

  • Developing of algorithms for real-time measurement data, implementation using programmable logic

Dr. Frank Reifegerste


Electromechanical Design

  • Investigation and analysis of the operational behavior of miniature electromechanichal gears and of toothed belt drives (e.g., transmission behavior, noises)

  • Development of special measurement procedures, techniques, and special designs.

  • Finite Element Methods (FEMs), formulation of new computation methods, development of customer specific software.

Dr. Jens Schirmer


Simulation and Optimization


Mechanical design and innovative sensor-actuator systems 

  • Mechanical design: Conceptual study of devices and machines, product design, simulation of mechanics (FEM, kinematics)

  • Sensor-actuator systems: Design and dimensioning of form memory actuators

Dr. Alfred Kamusella

Electromagnetic actuators

  • Modeling and simulation (dynamic, finite element analysis), design and test of electro-magneto-mechanical actuators and drive systems

  • Measurements on linear and rotatory motors, actuators and motion transducers

  • Research interests: Electromagnetic actuators, linear drives, motion transducers, stepper motors including application specific control circuits

Dr. Thomas Bödrich


Thermal Design


  • Modeling and simulation of thermal and thermomechanical characteristics of electronic and mechanical devices and assemblies

  • Study of heat dissipation principles, thermal and thermomechanical requirements and reliability, design and optimization

  • Experimental study of components, systems and devices in the thermal laboratory under specific climate conditions

Dr. Thomas Bödrich


Medical Device Engineering

  • Developing of innovative medical devices

  • Enhancing and optimization of existing medical devices and systems

  • Medical testing equipment

  • Numerical fluid and structure simulation

Dr. René Richter




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