Fundamentals of Layout Design for Electronic Circuits
Jens Lienig, Juergen Scheible
2020, 306 pages, Springer International Publishing

ISBN 978-3-030-39283-3 eBook ISBN 978-3-030-39284-0





Please email jens.lienig if you find any errors.

  • p. 43: "As long as the wavelength of light is smaller than the feature size..." (not "greater").

  • p. 137: "The outer shells are generalizations, the inner shells..." (not "cells").

  • p. 184: "This over- or underflow is the ratio of the gcell’s capacity and the number of nets assigned to it. Detailed routing should only be attempted if this ratio does not exceed the value 1 ..." -- The first sentence should be reversed: "This over- or underflow is the ratio of the number of nets assigned to the gcell and the gcell’s capacity."

  • p. 210: … in Chap. 2, cf. Fig. 2.8.)

  • p. 225, Fig. 6.10: Label "R1" and "R2" should be exchanged in the sectional view of the PSD resistor.

  • p. 293: Following the convention that compressive stress is defined as negative and tensile stress as positive, the following change is required: "Similar to thermal migration, this leads to diffusion in the direction of the positive mechanical tension gradient (Fig. 7.29)."

  • p. 299; Fig. 7.36: It should be "RSMT net topology" (rectilinear Steiner minimum tree).


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